High & Low Cholesterol in Colorado Springs

high and low cholesterol in Colorado Springs CO

Cholesterol in Colorado Springs is a major building block for a healthy body. While optimal levels are best, it is vital to determine the cause of your high cholesterol before simply taking a statin.

Low cholesterol may be more dangerous as it puts you at greater risk for infections, malnutrition, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and reduces your ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D and K.

Where does cholesterol come from in Colorado Springs?

About 80% of total cholesterol is made by the liver, while the remaining 20% comes from dietary sources. Cholesterol travels from the liver through the bloodstream by protein molecules called lipoproteins. From there, the body’s cells can extract what they need, leaving the remaining cholesterol for transport back to the liver.

While often receiving a bad rap, cholesterol is actually a major building block for hormones that regulate blood sugars, blood pressure, stress, sex hormones, and digestion.

Diet and exercise are only part of the story. Your body will raise its cholesterol levels to protect itself against toxins, bacteria, infections, and other threats. Stress, poor nutrition, thyroid, and liver problems also cause high cholesterol.

If you take a statin to lower cholesterol levels are you healthier? Have you fixed the problem?

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